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Your art is sooooo cute holy shit never stop drawing. (AND DID YOU READ THE LATEST CHAPTER OF NORAGAMI?????)

anonnnn you are so sweet!! thank you for saying so, it really means a lot to me ;o;

I am sitting on my hands waiting for the translations of 45 to come out!!! gahh, I’m so nervous„,I don’t want anything to break up the fam. :c

allukai replied to your post: trying to determine “”“my type”“”“ i’m…

i’m laughing so hard at alibaba’s placement in these

he is an outlier adn should not be counted


>there is no one in the chat room. [Listen]

ANON: a Mikado Ryuugamine fanmix. contains sad electronica and spoilers through the end of the light novels.


dull life (professor purple remix) - yeah yeah yeahs //  millionaire - ar rahman // october - broken bells // I want it all - sufjan stevens // tessellate - alt-j // in the hall of the mountain king - trent reznor & atticus ross // static to the heart - jukebox the ghost // ares - bloc party // bernal heights - jhameel // plastic jungle - miike snow 

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