COMPLETELY self-indulgent pokemon au junk

fun FACT: despite being entirely comprised of data, porygon is copy-protected and cannot be replicated


when i grow up, i’ll be a monster. [Listen]

an ugly thunder: a Kaneki Ken fanmix, up to Aogiri.


eat you alive - the oh hello’s // monsters - boy least likely to // o my heart - mother mother // marrow - st. vincent // basic space - the xx // grand optimist - city and colour // welcome to the slaughterhouse - lily holbrook // 1 john 4:16 - the mountain goats // orca - wintersleep

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Anonymous asked:
Your art is sooooo cute holy shit never stop drawing. (AND DID YOU READ THE LATEST CHAPTER OF NORAGAMI?????)

anonnnn you are so sweet!! thank you for saying so, it really means a lot to me ;o;

I am sitting on my hands waiting for the translations of 45 to come out!!! gahh, I’m so nervous„,I don’t want anything to break up the fam. :c